Rachael Stokes

Earlsfield Woman

What I care about

It was at the tender age of eight that I organised my first bring-and-buy sale in the front garden to raise money for Blue Peter’s Kampuchea appeal. Up until that point I had never heard of Kampuchea (now Cambodia), and certainly did not fully understand the politics of the country, let alone the scale of atrocities that its people had faced. However, I did know that there was something that could be done, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. So bake cakes and sell toys is what I did.

From that moment on, I became aware of the importance of civic responsibility and the power of individuals and communities to bring about change. Whether it concerns bringing about small scale improvements to a local area through to wholesale changes in the way a society is run, it is always the result of people stepping forward to take action.

Fast forward nearly thirty years and these are key themes that have dominated my life and career so far. I currently work for an international development charity that promotes and supports volunteering as a tool to empower citizens and share skills within and between communities, countries and continents. Closer to home, I campaign on social and economic justice issues as well as support a local advice charity.

So this is me. I suppose I should also mention that I live in Earlsfield. I love Earlsfield and feel very privileged to call it my home. This is why I have set up this blog. To promote everything that is good about the community in which I live and to champion every opportunity for residents to work together to make it even better.

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