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Earlsfield Woman

Longer trains, lifts and litter: your questions on Earlsfield station answered

I met with the Earlsfield station manager earlier this month to discuss a number of issues residents have raised with me. Below is a summary of what we covered. We have now set up quarterly meetings so please contact me with comments or questions you would like me to deal with at our next meeting: rstokes@wandsworth.gov.uk

We now have longer platforms but not longer trains. When will this happen?

The introduction of longer trains on the route through Earlsfield is pending the extension of platforms 1-4 at Waterloo station. This work is scheduled for August 2017 and will result in peak service trains not stopping at Earlsfield station during this month. More information can be found here: Waterloo Upgrade 2017

Earlsfield residents are strongly encouraged to consider making arrangements to work from home or take their holidays during this time. I am currently seeking clarification on whether alternative travel options will be put in place and how commuters will be kept informed about these plans.

Why have the lifts been out of use so often recently?

There were two unrelated problems. One was a fault on the emergency telephone line in both lifts, which meant that they had to be out of use when the station office was closed. The second problem related to flooding of the lift shafts following the heavy rains over the summer. Both issues have now been rectified so there should be no recurrent problem of lift closures.

Could we have more seating on platform 3 where the waiting room used to be?

The station manager is going to investigate moving one of the existing benches at the far end of the platform to this spot where more passengers congregate.

The platforms are sometimes strewn with litter and the area near to the lift on platform 3 is often filthy and smelly. Can it be cleaned?

Additional cleaning capacity has been secured for the station as of this month and staff have been reminded to ensure all bin holders have bin bags (see below). A ‘deep clean’ of the corridor leading from the platform 3 lift will be arranged.


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