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Flooding on Earlsfield Road: Update

A number of of homes and businesses on Earlsfield Road and Garratt Lane were recently flooded following the heavy rains earlier this summer. Some were completely gutted and remain inhabitable. It follows flooding of properties back in September 2015, also following heavy rains.

I am currently liaising with the Council as they investigate the cause of the flooding, as well as with Tooting MP, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, and London Assembly member, Leonie Cooper, who are pressing for meetings with Thames Water Utilities.

Local residents have formed an action group to coordinate information between the various authorities and ensure that Thames Water take appropriate action in response to the floods.

If you have been affected and are not yet linked to the group please get in touch: RStokes@wandsworth.gov.uk

In the meantime, below is the response to my latest written question to the Council.

QUESTION: Will the Cabinet Member outline what action the Council has been taking in response to the recent and repeated flooding of properties on Earlsfield Road and Garratt Lane (incidents reported on 8, 16 and 22/23 June), specifically:

a) how many residents in the area have reported flooding to the Council and what advice and support has been given;

b) what efforts are being made to establish whether other homes or businesses have also been affected in the vicinity;

c) what investigations have been conducted into the cause of the flooding and the findings; and

d) what contact the Council has had with Thames Water Utilities (TWU) following the floods and any actions agreed?


a) Three residents have contacted the Council directly to report flooded basements and advise has been given to these residents that the cause of the flooding is due to the Thames Water Utilities sewer and that the Council is undertaking an investigation into the event under S19 of the Flood and Water Management Act 2010.

Advice has also been given that the Council’s duties only extend to investigating the cause, identifying the relevant Risk Management Authority (in this case TWU) and ensuring theta TWU are exercising their function under the Act (which they are). It is not the Council’s responsibility to solve the problem or take remedial action.

b) The Council has received reports of other properties affected and has been given the Fire Brigade call out records from the emergency planning officer which are being taken into account in the investigations. TWU have also been contacted to request details of their reports.

c) A “Section 19” flood investigation report has already been undertaken on a flooding event which affected the basement of XXXX Earlsfield Road in September 2015. A further report to cover the 23 Jun floods which affected XXXX again and also the surrounding properties will be undertaken shortly. The findings of this forthcoming report are likely to reach the same conclusion as the September 2015 flood report which identified deficiencies in the TWU sewer system as the cause of the flooding.

d) A principal engineer in the engineering and highways team has been liaising with representatives from TWU to establish the exact causes of the sewer surcharge in the Earlsfield Road area and to request details of TWU proposed remedial actions. TWU are proposing to undertake further CCTV surveys of their sewer network and remove further silt build up for the sewer in Earlsfield Road to increase flows. This work commenced on 21 July and TWU will update the Council on the results of this survey.


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