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Earlsfield Woman

Is the future of children’s services in Earlsfield under threat?

Wandsworth Council are currently consulting on the provision of Early Years services across the Borough. Part of the proposals include the ‘de-designation’ of the Garratt Park Children’s Centre in Earlsfield.

This would effectively mean the end of universal provision in Earlsfield, requiring parents and children who currently use the centre’s facilities to use services provided elsewhere, such at Smallwood Children’s Centre in Tooting or the West Hill Children’s Centre in St George’s Park.

The consultation document states that “Afternoon use of the Garratt Park building will be made available for stay and place provision but this will not be provided by the council. As in most other cases e.g. Bolinbroke Stay and Play, stay and play is likely to incur a small charge.”


With parents and babies at the Garratt Park’s Friday Stay and Play session.


Many parents have been in touch with me to share some of their objections to the proposals. They include concerns about the loss of targeted outreach services on the Henry Prince Estate, as well as fears that parents and children will be unable to access what are already heavily subscribed services in Smallwood and West Hill. I will incorporate these issues in my own submission to the council (which will be published on this site shortly).

I would encourage those who have not already done so to take part in the consultation, which can be accessed here: www.wandsworth.gov.uk/ccsurvey (Questions 3-5 relate primarily to Garratt Park Children’s Centre). The consultation closes on the 24 May.

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