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Derelict land on Earlsfield Road: response from the Council

Long standing residents of Earlsfield will know that the derelict plot on 312-320 Earlsfield Road has been awaiting development for many years, if not decades. I have been periodically requesting updates from the Council, including my recent question below to the Cabinet Member for Housing and Regeneration. Unfortunately the legal wrangles continue, but please do get in touch regarding any graffiti or flytipping on the site and I can follow up with Viridian Housing who are responsible for this.


When is the long overdue planned housing development on Earlsfield Road due to commence? When will the much needed housing become available for habitation? In the meantime, what measures are the Council taking to address flytipping and graffiti on the site and minimise the eyesore that the vacant plot currently presents for local residents?


I share the Councillor’s frustration that the site has remained undeveloped for many years but I can reassure her that this is not due to the the Council’s or its partners efforts in wishing for development to commence.

After many years of dealing with a whole series of court actions after the Council compulsorily purchased the site, it was able to sell to Viridian Housing Association to develop six affordable low cost homes in March 2015.

Viridian have implemented the existing planning consent by undertaking preparatory works on the site but prior to commencing with the main works contract they are required by law to agree party wall awards to the adjacent landowners. This in itself can be a lengthy process but Viridian had reached agreement with the landowners party wall award surveyor last month and had appointed a main works contractor to start commencement of that development in the summer. Unfortunately Viridian have now learnt that there has been an appeal to the courts against the party wall awards and that further court hearings will now be required to consider the appeal and whether the works can now progress.

This will cause another delay in the development as it will depend on when the courts will hear the case and their determination on the appeal. This is clearly frustrating for the Council, the housing association and the residents as the site continues to email undeveloped while yet further litigation and legal process are resolved.

In relation to the graffiti and flytipping, this is Viridian’s responsibility and the Council have in the strongest terms requested Viridian to take appropriate measures to ensure the site is devoid of graffiti, hoarding etc. are maintained and that any flytipping is removed.



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