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Impact of Crossrail 2 on Earlsfield: response from Network Rail and TFL

Network Rail and TFL have provided a joint response to my questions about the impact of Crossrail 2 on Earlsfield rail services, submitted as part of their recent consultation which closed last month – see below. (Please also see my earlier blog for details).

As indicated below, there will be a further consultation specifically on South West Trains main line services later this year. I will keep you posted on this, as with any other opportunities for community engagement.


“The recent public consultation on Crossrail 2 was the fourth public consultation and focused on new Crossrail 2 station locations, entrances and exits, the construction sites required to build and operate the tunnelled section of the scheme and the proposed service patterns on the Crossrail 2 branches. We are now analysing the responses we received and this analysis will inform our development of the proposal as we move forward.

There will be more opportunity to provide feedback on Crossrail 2 as the scheme develops. We will consult the public again before we apply for powers to build Crossrail 2 and the likely permission route – a Hybrid Bill – would also give Councils, residents, businesses and other interested parties the opportunity to comment on the plans and allow those affected to petition against aspects of the plan to which they object.

We anticipate that further design and development work will take place over the next two to three years with a submission for powers in 2017 or 2018.

In answer to your questions:

As we continue to refine proposals for Crossrail 2, we take into account new developments, including the recently approved new stadium and homes on Plough Lane and the phased redevelopment of the Springfield University Hospital site. These sites have been granted planning permission based on current public transport accessibility levels; should Crossrail 2 go ahead, public transport accessibility levels at these sites will improve, making it easier for all local people to travel around London. Our transport assessments suggest that the travel impacts would be shared between Haydons Road (for Thameslink services), Earlsfield (for South West Trains services towards Waterloo), Wimbledon (for southbound South West Trains services, London Underground services on the District line and Tramlink) and London Underground services (from Tooting Bec and Tooting Broadway).

Our assessment is that over half the passengers that currently board suburban services to Waterloo at stations south of Earlsfield would switch to use Crossrail 2 services, freeing up space on the remaining services to Waterloo that call at Earlsfield. This would be because they could reach their destinations across central London more quickly than via Waterloo, often without having to change on to the London Underground. Our current assumption is that 10, or possibly 12, trains per hour would continue to serve Earlsfield for Waterloo, representing a train every 5-6 minutes on average. This is well over half the current service level; however as per the above fewer than half the number of passengers (in total) are expected to be on board. As a result passengers who currently use Earlsfield station would find it easier to board a train at peak times and make the journey into London.

Both the Tooting and Balham Crossrail 2 routes would result in the same service pattern for Earlsfield station. The proposed change in service frequency at Earlsfield is a result of switching some suburban Waterloo services for Crossrail 2 services; this would be the case regardless of whether we served Tooting or Balham. We have looked extensively at the transport case for serving Tooting and Balham, and it is important that Crossrail 2 provides an interchange with the Northern line i.e. either at Tooting or at Balham. This section of the Northern line is the most crowded part of the London underground network, and some form of relief is essential. TfL’s work to date has suggested that building a station at Tooting would require a very significant amount of disruption to large parts of the town centre and that a station at Balham could be built with significantly less disruption and would still provide many of the same transport benefits. This will be something that will be carefully considered following analysis of the consultation responses and further technical assessments

On your final point around future consultation, we are currently analysing the feedback to the recently closed consultation. This analysis will inform the future development of our plans for Crossrail 2. We expect to consult again, including on services patterns for services on the South West Main Line through Earlsfield, later this year. This will also be supported by a full programme of community engagement.”

Chris Curtis, Head of Crossrail 2, Network Rail.

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