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Earlsfield should not lose out on Crossrail 2: my letter to TFL & Network Rail

Thank you to residents who have recently got in touch with me to share your concerns about the new proposed Crossrail 2 route and its potential impact on rail services going through Earlsfield.

Please see below my letter to the Crossrail 2 heads at both TFL and Network Rail to share those concerns and seek further information on the planning assumptions and proposed changes to overland services. I will post a response as soon as I receive one.

In the meantime I will continue to work with colleagues to ensure residents concerns and questions are raised with the appropriate bodies.

As a member of Wandsworth Council’s Community Services Scrutiny Committee I recently supported the decision to conduct a full impact assessment of the original proposed route via Tooting. I believe this option should remain on the table for consideration.

As always, you can get in touch with me via the ‘contact me’ page on this website or via email rstokes@wandsworth.gov.uk

Dear Chris Curtis and Michele Dix,

I’m writing on behalf of Earlsfield residents who have contacted me to raise concerns about the impact of Crossrail 2 on Earlsfield rail services. It is understood that should the current proposal go ahead, peak trains through Earlsfield could be reduced by as much as 40%. I strongly share these concerns.

I am unclear how many residents are currently aware of the potential impact of Crossrail2 on Earlsfield services but am in no doubt that this is likely to generate considerable opposition once the information is publicised more widely.

Many people move to Earlsfield on account of its frequent and direct rail services into Waterloo – and beyond that, the City. In fact, in recent years there has been considerable growth in the number of commuters using Earlsfield station. So much so, that platform and train overcrowding has become a serious problem and health and safety risk. Given the problems commuters currently face, the proposal to reduce services even further seems to fly in the face of growing demand.

I am aware that a number of residents have already contacted you about the crossrail 2 proposal and you have provided responses, which have been shared with me. However, I would like to request further information on the assumptions on which your proposal is based that suggests reduced demand for rail services at Earlsfield. In particular:

– How your projections account for the AFC Wimbledon/Galliard homes development on Plough lane (approved by Merton Council last month) and the Springfield Development. Both developments will result in a substantial number of new homes being built in the area – and therefore commuters using public transport and boarding at Earlsfield station;

– how many SW train commuters are likely to alight at Wimbledon for Crossrail 2, therefore being diverted from existing south west train services?; how this will impact on current train overcrowding and ability to board trains at Earlsfield station?;

– your calculation that many commuters who currently use Earlsfield station actually live closer to other transport routes. How many and and which stations? How many commuters would be diverted away from using Earlsfield station as a result of Crossrail2?

In addition to this, I would be grateful for information on what transport impact assessments have similarly been done for the original Tooting route. Would this proposal also result in reduced rail services through Earlsfield? What impact would this have on commuting patterns in the area?

Finally, I would welcome further information on your plans for direct consultation and communication with Earlsfield residents on Crossrail 2 – and confirmation that it will focus on both the Balham and Tooting routes to allow for full appraisal of all options on the table.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes, Cllr Rachael Stokes

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