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My representations to Wandsworth’s Planning Applications Committee concerning AFC Wimbledon / Galliard Homes development

As I am sure you are aware, Wandsworth Council’s Planning Application Committee met last month to review the planning application submitted by AFC Wimbledon and Galliard Homes to Merton Council to develop the site on Plough Lane currently occupied by the Greyhound dog track.

The proposed response prepared by Council Officers which was under discussion can be viewed here: http://ww3.wandsworth.gov.uk/moderngov/mgAi.aspx?ID=31237#mgDocuments

Representations on behalf of Earlsfield residents

I attended the meeting and made a deputation on behalf of Earlsfield residents. I restated many of the concerns you have raised about the planning application  – as summarised in my formal response to Merton Council (see earlier post). I also made specific reservations in relation to the following:

1) Cumulative impact of the Springfield and Wimbledon Development, particularly from a traffic and public transport perspective -arguing for further capacity assessments and mitigation measures to account for impact of both proposed developments;

2) Impact on school places, and the need for a joint review between the boroughs in light of recent shortages in Earlsfield;

3) The need for further stakeholder engagement, particularly with the Earlsfield business community, St Georges and local resident groups;

4) Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL), to press for negotiations to ensure equitable distribution between boroughs should the application be approved.

As a result of the discussions, the Planning Application Committee voted to object to the planning application.

What next? 

I will now be following up with planning officers to confirm whether the recommendations contained in the original paper will still be presented to Merton Council – and what ongoing discussions will now take place between the two boroughs in light of the objection. I will be particularly pressing for clarification on how CIL negotiations will be undertaken should the application eventually be approved by Merton Council. Given much of the impact of the development will be in Earlsfield and Tooting, it will be critical to ensure we get our fair share of funds from the development.

I will continued to keep you informed about developments, but please feel free to get in touch with any further comments or questions.

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