Rachael Stokes

Earlsfield Woman

Atheldene Development: response to written question

Please see below for a response from the Council to my question on the next phase of the Atheldene Development, submitted on 10 December 2014. If you would like to know more about the development or have follow up questions or issues you would like to raise, please contact me at: rstokes@wandsworth.gov.uk.

Question to the Cabinet Member for Housing:

In respect of the Atheldene Development in Earlsfield:

a) what commitments are being made to social and affordable housing;

b) how many additional residential properties will there be on the site and what impact assessment is being undertaken in relation to local amenities and parking; and

c) how will local residents and businesses be consulted and involved in the planning of the next phases of development?


(a) The aim set out in planning policy is to seek to achieve 33% affordable housing on development sites in the Borough and to undertake a robust financial appraisal on all sites where less then 50% affordable housing is proposed. This site will be no different and Officers from Planning and Housing Development Services will take as robust approach to maximising the delivery of affordable housing here as they would on any site coming forward for development.

This will include modelling various affordable housing mixes to identify the optimal mix in terms of numbers and sizes of units and tenure and considering the benefits of the Council investing itself in the delivery of affordable housing on this site. We need to be clear however that the key and first priority is to deliver a new school and health facility for residents and the local area and that such costs will be borne at least in part by the development and this will affect the level of affordable housing that can be provided.

(b) The current plans suggest around 160 units across both phases, a net increase of 149. The impacts of the scheme are a planning matter and will be assessed by the Council’s preferred developer at the time planning permission is prepared.

(c) Any planning application would be submitted by the developer and managed in the usual way. There will be two phases of consultation in the usual way:

– Pre-planning consultation. This is part of the general planning process and the outcome of this will also inform the scheme finally submitted.

– Formal planning consultation – after any scheme is submitted the Council as planning authority will consult residents in the area and their views will be considered as part of the decision making process.

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