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Why do we need to save the Romany? Ask David.

save the romany

I was planning to provide an update this week on the Save the Romany campaign and explain why it’s so important.

However, I’ve decided to hand over to David Mason, a former scout and current scout leader at the 1st Wandsworth Scouts. This is his response to a public meeting held at the Beatrix Potter Primary School last week following the announcement that the site has been sold to a private developer:

“I have been involved with 1st Wandsworth for nearly 20 years and apart from my family the Romany is the most important thing in my life. Everyone knows about my learning disability but being part of the best scout family has encouraged me to do so much in my life including working full time, achieving my gold DOE and most recently raising money for 1st Wandsworth by completing a triathlon.

I thought that Ali Adam [Magdelen Tennis Club Committee] was not very nice because every time she was telling us some bad news she had a smile on her face.

Now I am a young assistant scout leader I know that the youngsters look up to me and I think I am a good role model and I don’t think they care that I have a learning disability.

I don’t think you can put a price on something so rare in Wandsworth and I will do everything I can to keep the Romany site for all children like me to enjoy and I hope they have as much fun as I have had at the Romany in the last 20 years.”

About the Campaign
Save the Romany is a community led campaign to protect the Romany site on Lyford Road, which is home to the 1st Wandsworth Scouts, the Playhouse Playgroup, and many other local groups. The site is owned by the Magdalene Tennis Club, who have recently agreed to sell the land to a private developer.

How to get involved
To get involved in the campaign, or find out more, you can follow the campaign on twitter: @savetheromany

You can also sign the petition here: http://www.nappyvalleynet.com/petition-against-the-redevelopment-of-the-romany-scout-hut/

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