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Good news for Earlsfield commuters

Earlsfield commuters trying to board a train in rush hour September 2013

Earlsfield commuters trying to board a train in rush hour September 2013

If you’ve not seen the news already, you will be pleased to learn that the daily commute from Earlsfield will soon be a little less stressful.

As from the 28th July, trains through Earlsfield will begin to have 10 carriages – rather than 8 at present. South West Trains have also committed to the following:

  • A ‘turn up and go’ policy at peak times, which means trains don’t wait around if they arrive early, and helps to prevent the trains behind being held up
  • Additional trains to run every day
  • Staffing levels are also being reviewed, to see if more staff are needed to help reduce overcrowding

Many residents have raised the issue of platform overcrowding with me, requesting more trains and longer carriages. This should hopefully provide cause for celebration!

For more information, see the lastest update from our MP Sadiq Khan, who has long been campaigning on behalf of Earlsfield commuters and recently met with the station manager: http://www.sadiqkhan.org.uk/earlsfield_station_update

If you have any other issues to raise about Earlsfield station please get in touch.

2 comments on “Good news for Earlsfield commuters

  1. Bryan
    June 21, 2014

    The evening crush would be much better if they reinstating the temporary staircase (and making it permanent) from platform 3 down to the road behind the library – it would only need to be open between 5pm and 7pm

  2. rachaelstokes
    June 21, 2014

    Hi Bryan,

    thanks for the suggestion, I will follow up to find out station plans for this.


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